Manufacturing and Packaging Process


The process of bringing the product and the packaging together is prioritized as one of the most important steps in the entire operation. We ensure the manufacturing process of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, is on par with international quality standards and is equipped to take on this important task deemed as the phase that determines the final outcome of the product. From floor layout plans to finished product assembly to safety & hygiene measures, every detail is scrutinized for utmost perfection. Once the initial phase of processing is complete, the more phases of blending, flavouring and packing commences. This entails various stages, which include trial sample testing, colour coding and finally packing, where every activity is checklist reviewed before being certified and approved. With the onset of the global pandemic more stringent hygiene protocols and control measures have been introduced so as to ensure the highest level of hygiene and safety at every step of the production line. This includes disinfecting common areas after every work shift, applying a combination of key practices, minimizing human-to-human contact by using sensor operated equipment and providing well ventilated work spaces.

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